Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cartridge Rib Stitch in the Round + Cat = Cat Leg Warmer

Cartridge Rib Stitch in the Round + Cat = Cat Leg Warmer

The blog seems to have received a number of search queries for instructions to the cartridge rib stitch motif knitted in the round. This is potentially the result of an earlier entry, in which I posted the stitch sequence for the basic cartridge rib stitch. This is available here.

Catridge Rib Stitch Sample in the Round

Achieving the particular horizontal ribbing of the cartridge rib stitch in circular knitting is even easier: For the stockinette sections of the ribbing, all stitches are knitted in the round; and to produce the garter stitch sections, you simply purl all stitches in a given round. The width of the ridge sections depends entirely on the number of purl / knit repeats.

In the below sample, which immediately assumed a second life as a cat-yoga leg warmer and was very patiently modelled by Pickle, I alternated between three consecutive rows of knitting and three consecutive rows of purling.

Cartridge Rib Stitch in the Round 

Cat Leg Warmer in Cartridge Rib Stitch (modelled by Pickle)

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