Sunday, 27 May 2012

Inspired by Bluebells

Bluebells between Ashford and Faversham (Kent, UK)

The woods between Ashford and Faversham (Kent, UK) are widely known as bluebell country in the area. Earlier this month we ventured out to have a look at this magical spectacle and took a few pictures.

Did I mention in my last post (Design Digest: Ammonite Part II) that I am not a great fan of variegated / tonal yarn? I may have to revise this statement. Sifting through the photos, I got hooked on the colours in my bluebell photos: the golden yellow hue of the sunlight, the intense purple blue of the bluebells, the deep green of the foliage and the greenish brown of the trees work extremely well together.

In fact, I like the combination of colours so much, I am looking for a yarn resembling the colour combination. So far, my search has not yielded any results, but I will keep looking. Any suggestions are welcome.

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