Free Knitting Patterns by Clarice Asquith


A generously sized, semi - circular shawl. Published in April 2012.
The pattern is available here.

The Freestyle Raglan Cardigan

A made-to-measure cardigan, utilising Raglan increases. Ideal for beginner knitters attempting to knit their first jumper / cardigan. The pattern was published in May 2014. Pattern instructions are available here.

The Knitted Cat Tunnel

A feline, household accessory. Published in November 2011. Project Instructions are available here.

The Nameless Choker

A quick lace project, specifically designed to use up a small quantity of sock yarn (approximately 10 - 20 grams), an ideal pattern for beginner lace knitters, wishing to get to grips with two of the most common knitting decreases (k2tog and ask). Published in September 2014. The pattern is available here.

The Commuter Cowl

Another experiment in simple lace knitting. The cowl's lace pattern gives the impression of vertical ribbing, which is achieved by a simple lace sequence, ideal for beginner lace knitters. The project is extremely portable and the pattern's lace rows are followed by simple knit rows, making this an ideal beginner project. The cowl is knitted entirely in the round. The pattern is available here.

The Winter Stole

There is a common misconception in the fibre sphere: It's the almost automatic assumption that only sock yarn can be utilised in the production of lace knits. With this design, I am trying to encourage knitters to diversify the choice of their materials. Depending, of course, on the complexity of the lace stitch sequence and the overall design, it is possible to knit lace with chunkier yarns. The pattern for the lace winter stole is available here.

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The Cartridge Rib Baktus

My project notes are available here. This project was a modification of the ever popular Baktus pattern by Strikkelise, which can be found here. Just like the original, the Catridge Rib Baktus is designed to use exactly one skein of sock yarn. The needle size is up to you and gauge is not important. Happy days!

Cartridge Rib Baktus

The Knitted Star

My pattern notes for the Knitted Star, a small project designed to explore basic geometric shapes, are available here. The piece is worked in the round on double-pointed needles. The star's outer edges are shaped with short rows. The size of the star can be modified by increasing or reducing the total number of stitches before working the spikes on the outer perimeter.

Knitted Star

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