Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Last of the Vintage...or an ideal yarn for beginner lace knitters

...and with a little melancholy, I note that I have used up the last balls of Patons UK Vintage. Well, never mind I'm quite happy with the finished object.

Introducing: The Oaklet, aka the Last of the Vintage

The designer is Megan Goodacre. The yarn (Paton's UK Vintage) was purchased a long time ago at Kemp's and has long since been discontinued. I have used Vintage in several projects and, even though it's not an overtly pretty yarn (in all honesty, the colourways are somewhat questionable), I feel a little sad to see it go. 

Megan Goodacre's Oaklet Shawl Pattern

It was my lace training yarn: It was cheap, had a decent stitch definition and was therefore ideal for beginner lace projects. It was also my "go - to - yarn", when I wanted to try a stitch sequence; and it proved to be resilient, despite its apparent issues with knotting. This shawl, for example, was made from a 'frogged' project. 

I didn't feel bad about making mistakes when knitting with Patons. It lead the existence of a somewhat unloved yarn and I treated it accordingly. (A rather liberating experience.) Yet, in return it always rewarded me with a more or less pleasing result. And that's why I'm quite sad to see it go. It was the ideal lace beginner yarn, a yarn that allows you to make mistakes without feeling too guilty about them.  

Megan Goodacre's Oaklet Pattern in Patons UK Vintage

Megan Goodacre's Oaklet shawl pattern in Patons UK Vinatge

Two other projects in Patons Vintage include a bias lace scarf and a stole. 

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