Saturday, 22 March 2014

There and Back Again....

Gallery of a Public Transport Knitter

Some Vital Statistics

Excluding the London Underground network, 2.5 million people commute to work by rail in the United Kingdom every day. More than a third of those commute to work to and from London. With a population of 13,614,409, the London commuter belt, which is also defined as the Southeast Metropolitan Area, is the largest in the European Union. The geographical boundaries of the Southeast Metropolitan Area are in constant flux. As the urban sprawl continues ever on and transport links are improved or created, it is expected to further expand.

My stretch of the line is operated by Southeastern. 70% of Southeastern's services transport passengers from Kent and parts of East Sussex to the major London termini. On their website Southeastern claim to be transporting 570,000 commuters to the capital every weekday morning. I happen to be one of them.

My daily journey takes me to and from my home in North Kent to Mayfair. This amounts to roughly 106 miles of travelling every day. Excluding two short tube journeys and the rather brisk walks between the tube station and my office, I have the privilege of being able to spend a total of 2.5 hours on a Southeastern train every working day. Not the best place to spend such an inordinate amount of time, but I can certainly think of worse. Being trapped on a Stagecoach bus at rush hour springs to mind, immediately.

A little while ago I came across an American tourist on his way to Bromley South. He was amazed at the distance British commuters are willing to travel in order to reach their places of work. He promptly asked me, what I did to pass the time during my journey. My answer: I knit. Well, most of the time. At other times, I gain considerable amusement (and intellectual stimulation) from observing my fellow travellers

I suppose the above renders me a public knitter. A public transport knitter, to be precise. I am happy to wear this badge. 

Time to start a gallery for the finished projects knitted during the daily commute.

Introducing the Train Knits:

Ammonite, The Third

More on this project is available here.

My pattern is available here.

The Hane Scarf

More on this project is available here.

The Oaklet Shawl

More on this project is available here.

Wisp, No 1 

More information is available here.

A Bias Lace Scarf

More on this project is available here.

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