Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tidying Up The Knitting Cupboard

Sifting through my yarn stash, organising knitting needles, taking stock of (un-) finished projects and being amused by my (neglected) collection of vintage knitting patterns... 

I am, of course, talking about tidying up the knitting cupboard - a vault of treasures.

After five years of knitting on and off, I have managed to accumulate an eclectic selection  of knitting yarns, vintage patterns and various other fiber-related paraphernalia, all of which require organising from time to time. 

Having completed the annual ritual, I feel all set for another year of adventures in yarn; and with work on my latest design entering the final stages, I am pleased to report that my new pattern for a lace winter stole in a chunky wool / alpaca blend will be published on the blog shortly.

The only members of the household, who possibly enjoy the tidying more than I do seem to be the cats...

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