Sunday, 14 June 2015

Design Digest: Revisiting the Ammonite Prototype

Following a few enquiries from the knittersphere regarding the prototype Ammonite in grey, which eventually evolved into the Ammonite pattern, I finally found the time to write up my recollections, which might help with the queries I recently received. 

Apologies for such a late response to all those who got in touch!

Ammonite Mark 2 Pattern instructions available here

Ammonite Mark 3, Project Notes are available here

Unfortunately, I didn't take any notes when knitting my freestyle Ammonite prototype. Below you will find some pointers, which might be useful, should you wish to achieve a different appearance from the final Ammonite pattern: 

Freestyle Ammonite

The basic design and overall set-up of the prototype follow the instructions, which are published in the completed Ammonite pattern. (This is available: here). The overall stitch motif (Cartridge Rib combined with Garter Stitch edges) is the same and both variations of the shawl also utilise the Picot Bind-Off. Both shawls are therefore constructed in much the same way. The difference in appearance is mainly a result of yarn choice and increase frequency.

Ammonite Prototype Detail: Two ply acrylic / wool blend, more information is available here.

Mietze - as always enhancing the appearance of any yarn

As regards the latter, I remember in my prototype Ammonite I increased frantically (kfb into all stitches between edges at a much faster frequency), resulting in a wider, more ruffled shawl, which somewhat reminded me of an Elizabethan collar during the bind-off. A more detailed design digest on this is available here.

Picot Bind Off Detail

Picot Bind Off Detail

As for the yarn... I am sadly unable to be precise about the manufacturer and / or composition details of the grey 2ply. I found the grey cone together with two others in a charity shop in Canterbury a few years ago. I presume we are dealing with machine knitting yarn here, probably spun by Yeoman's (Yorkshire, United Kingdom). I vaguely remember the composition was an arcylic /wool mix with a heavy bias towards acrylic. 

In the final version for the shawl, I used sock yarn, which has an entirely different drape and the garment feels so much heavier as a result.

I hope the above helps. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any other questions you may have. 

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