Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Picot Bind-Off: It's a love-hate relationship

I'm in the process of finishing the Picot Pi and (as the name suggests) I'm binding off picot-style. At over one thousand stitches, this is a lengthy and repetitive process. But, the end result will be worth the wait.

Picot literally means 'small loop' and describes the bobbles at the cast-off edge, which are produced by adding more stitches immediately before binding off. Incorporating the picot bind-off will result in a very flexible, wider garment at the outer edge of the piece. In other words, it adds drape.

Picot Bind-Off Detail for Ammonite 

As mentioned above the picot bind-off will require you to add stitches during the bind-off. This is achieved by utilising the cable cast-on. After you have added a varying number of stitches, these are subsequently knitted and bound off. One by one. A detailed tutorial on a variety of bind-offs (including the picot bind-off) is available here.

During my current project I decided to add two stitches and then proceed to bind-off three stitches, giving the Picot Pi a generously shaped, wide edging. 

I have used the picot bind-off  in other projects (for more, please see my pattern for Ammonite) and am very fond of the effect it creates. But, and there is no other way of phrasing this, the picot bind-off on over one thousand stitches is a laborious endeavour, involving a number of coordinated movements before one stitch is finally bound-off. To put it simply, this technique requires commitment and patience. So, please bear with, whilst I'm binding off...

Picot Bind Off Detail for Ammonite (pattern available: here)

Picot Pi Detail

Picot Pi in progress, more info here

An update on the Picot Pi pattern is now available here.

Picot Pi (off the needles, still unblocked), more here


  1. 1000 stitches, oh my. It's going to look fabulous when you are finished.

  2. I have finished...Many thanks for thinking of me. :-)

  3. I just finished moving up to 1152 stitches on my first pi and have been contemplating doing a picot cast off. Now seeing yours is convincing me to do it. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! More on my Pi is to follow shortlyI I hope your shawl is progressing smoothly. Keep me posted on progress. All my best.


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