Sunday, 26 July 2015

Going Full Circle: The Picot Pi Shawl is OFF THE NEEDLES

According to Elizabeth Zimmermann, we should be knitting circular shawls during the summer months, and that's exactly what I have done. Below is a first glimpse of my Pi Shawl variation, based on Zimmermann's timeless Pi Shawl pattern.

I haven't counted the picot bobbles of my Pi and keeping track of the exact stitch count in the final stages of my pattern is not essential, but I estimate that the Picot Pi's final bind-off row consisted of over three thousand stitches, when including the additional cast-on stitches. More on the Picot bind-off technique is available here

The completion of the knit was further delayed by having to find a more or less suitable yarn substitute for Regia (4 ply silk), as I was running out shortly after starting the last row. And although my knitting cupboard is home to many treasures, it may at times take a while to retrieve these. It appears somewhat crammed in there at the moment.

Pickle invading the cupboard and getting usual

I'm rather pleased with this first test knit of the design, but slightly at a loss where to block the piece, as it is likely to grow quite considerably.

Picot Pi (unblocked) 

Picot Pi (unblocked)

In fact, I might leave it hanging on the washing line, as it blocks the view onto my so-called 'vegetable patch', which seems to have transformed itself into a bind weed patch. I'm not sure how this happened...

My completed pattern notes will be up on the blog shortly. More information on the construction of the Picot Pi is available here.

Picot Pi in Progress

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