Monday, 27 July 2015

The Weekly Swatch: The Basket Weave Stitch

Basket Weave Stitch Swatch (knitted in machine knitting cobweb wool / alpaca / acrylic blend)

The Basket Weave Stitch sequence is an uncomplicated stitch motif, imitating the texture of woven baskets as the name implies. Many stitch combinations, which will produce a similar texture, exist. To achieve the below sample a multiple of 10 plus 3 stitches are required. These are either knitted or purled. The Basket Weave Stitch is extremely beginner-friendly and an organic stitch motif for knitted bags, cases or pillow and cushion covers.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Going Full Circle: The Picot Pi Shawl is OFF THE NEEDLES

According to Elizabeth Zimmermann, we should be knitting circular shawls during the summer months, and that's exactly what I have done. Below is a first glimpse of my Pi Shawl variation, based on Zimmermann's timeless Pi Shawl pattern.

I haven't counted the picot bobbles of my Pi and keeping track of the exact stitch count in the final stages of my pattern is not essential, but I estimate that the Picot Pi's final bind-off row consisted of over three thousand stitches, when including the additional cast-on stitches. More on the Picot bind-off technique is available here

The completion of the knit was further delayed by having to find a more or less suitable yarn substitute for Regia (4 ply silk), as I was running out shortly after starting the last row. And although my knitting cupboard is home to many treasures, it may at times take a while to retrieve these. It appears somewhat crammed in there at the moment.

Pickle invading the cupboard and getting usual

Friday, 17 July 2015

Just for a change...A Few Shots of Cycling Paraphernalia

Charity bike ride training weekend, Friends of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

It happened to be a sunny day in Kent and I had the pleasure of meeting the Tigers during their training weekend in Canterbury. They appear to be rather fond of their kit. 

To find out more, follow them on Twitter: #Tigersr2r /  and here.

Here are my impressions of the day: 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Weekly Swatch: The Star Stitch

Star Stitch - Swatch Knitted with Sock Yarn

The Star Stitch is a simple lace stitch. All of the in- and decreases are worked on the wrong side, i.e. the purl-side. The right side rows are knitted throughout. 

This stitch motif produces a meshy texture, making it an ideal stitch for summer garments and accessories. 

Star Stitch Swatch Sample with Araucania Botany Lace Sock Yarn

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